“Best Sunbae Ever!” — Fans Touched As SHINee’s Taemin Asks Fans For Help So He Can Buy SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi A Meal

Hoshi is the luckiest Shawol ever.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi is known to be a huge fan of SHINee. As a representative Shawol in K-Pop, fans absolutely love to see Hoshi living his best Shawol life. In fact, he’s met SHINee a couple of times already.

Most Succesful Shawol Ever: SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Is Living His Best Life With Role Models SHINee

Hoshi recently attended SHINee’s 15th anniversary fanmeeting. He was even dressed in the fan color!

Well, he’s better than all of us, because according to Taemin, the two exchanged numbers after the fanmeeting. We’re definitely pearl aqua green with envy.

Fans were touched when Taemin asked for their help to find out what Hoshi likes. Taemin had promised to grab a meal with Hoshi, and he was fully intending to pay for it as a sunbae.

I think we were like, “if we ever get the chance, let’s grab a meal together.” And that’s how we naturally exchanged numbers and got close. Although we haven’t eaten together yet, I really want to buy him something delicious. If you know what Hoshi likes to eat, please let me know. I want to buy it for him. To be honest, there were many times where sunbaes bought me good food. Well, not many, but sometimes. I’m a sunbae now too. Although I’m still SHINee’s maknae, I’m a Hyung and sunbae to others. I need to coolly pay the bill.

— Taemin

Fans loved seeing Hoshi get all the love from his sunbaes.

They also teased the boy. With Hoshi being such a huge Shawol, Taemin could buy him anything at all and Hoshi would still love it.

Of course, some fans also made sure to give Taemin some practical advice.

We’re living for this inter-generation idol interaction! Here’s to hoping the two get even closer.