SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Is A Tiger Dad Again From Fans’ Adoption Of New Tiger Under His Name

He now has two tiger babies thanks to Carats.

If there’s one thing that SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi has a soft spot for, it’s the lovely animal that holds a special place in his heart: tigers. Thanks to fans, Hoshi now has two tigers that he can call his babies.

Through a live stream, fans came close to gathering five hundred dollars to gain the chance to adopt a tiger from a Colorado animal sanctuary, with one person who amusingly donated $10.10 USD as a nod to Hoshi’s charming nickname 10:10.

| TheWildAnimalSanctuary/Facebook

Carats were able to adopt this beautiful striped, white tiger named Timara in Hoshi’s name.

| TheWildAnimalSanctuary/Facebook

TikTok user herzy_doodle shared the news through a clip that made its way to many fans on Twitter and even became a trending topic on Weverse. It turned out that Timara wasn’t the first tiger that had been adopted for Hoshi.

Carats had also adopted a tiger by the name of Kayla from a zoo in Malaysia, who needed donations to keep her healthy and happy.

Since fans remembered a moment during SVT Club where Hoshi fell for a beautiful white tiger, they know he’ll love finding out about Timara.

No matter how much the SEVENTEEN members point out Hoshi being a human rather than a tiger, no one can stop his horanghae agenda—especially with his tiger babies Timara and Kayla.

Source: TikTok