SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Goes Viral For His Gentlemanly Behavior Towards IU

Hoshi is smooth AF!

When it comes to K-Pop idols, not only are they extremely talented and full of visuals, but they are genuinely nice people. Whether they’re interacting with other idols, media, or fans, they showcase their true personalities and capture the hearts of netizens worldwide.

One idol who recently gained attention for being a true gentleman… but also smooth AF was SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi!

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

On May 30 (KST), SEVENTEEN surprised fans when Hoshi, Woozi, DK, Seungkwan, and Dino were the latest guests on K-Pop soloist IU‘s YouTube series IU’s Palette.

| IU Official/YouTube 

As expected, it was full of hilariousness, and talent but also showcased all the members and IU’s personality perfectly, whether it was IU revealing her reaction to being neighbors at a recent award show or IU apologizing to DK.

| IU Official/YouTube
| IU Official/YouTube

Although some of the members seemed shy around IU, one person who oozed charisma and charm was Hoshi. In particular, one moment caught the attention of netizens worldwide and had them swooning left, right, and center.

Hoshi wowed audiences and IU by showcasing his amazing choreography, and the idol even revealed she wanted to have the members on stage and how much she was enjoying speaking with them.

You’ve put your time and effort into this. We’ve just got to know each other today…

— IU

| IU Official/YouTube

Yet, all of a sudden, fans and IU were in for the shock of their lives when Hoshi suddenly jumped out of his seat, exclaiming, “Just one second… Go away!

| IU Official/YouTube

It seemed as if everyone was as confused as each other at Hoshi’s sudden energy. However, it quickly became clear that Hoshi was being a true gentleman as he swiped something off IU’s bright yellow skirt.

After looking on the floor, IU noticed that Hoshi had swiped a bee off her skirt that had been sitting there, probably because of the bright yellow that seemed similar to a flower. Netizens also noticed that Hoshi pulled down his sleeve before doing it to show respect and not directly touch IU’s skirt.

| IU Official/YouTube 

If that wasn’t enough, after proving to be a true gentleman, Hoshi also showcased his charismatic and smooth side. Hoshi made netizens swoon as he explained, “It knows who the flower is,” causing the cast to laugh.

| IU Official/YouTube 

A replay of the incident showcased a different angle of what happened, and Hoshi literally leaped into action. Although it doesn’t seem like IU is scared of bugs, it was still a kind gesture as she probably wouldn’t have noticed it for a long time.

| IU Official/YouTube

If the action wasn’t cute enough, the clip actually went viral on TikTok and has been watched nearly six million times.


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In the comments, netizens couldn’t get over just how smooth Hoshi was being and his manners towards IU.

Once again, Hoshi proved that he’s not just handsome and talented but a genuinely nice person. Netizens fell in love with his action, and it isn’t surprising as he did it with the charisma and coolness that Hoshi possesses.

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Source: IU Official and Bunnyman97/TikTok