SEVENTEEN Members Will Appear On Huya Super Idol League For The Full 18th Season

This season’s video game will be “Honor of King.”

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun and The8 will be guest stars on Huya Super Idol League‘s 18th season!

| Huya

Huya Super Idol League is a Chinese streaming show that regularly features K-Pop idols playing video games with Chinese gamers. Various SEVENTEEN members have appeared on the show previously, but this is the first time they have been slated for a full season.

DK (left) and Wonwoo (right) on their episode of Huya Super Idol League. | Huya 

This season’s game will be “Honor of King,” and broadcasts will start on March 8 and run for three weeks, streaming every Monday. Each member will have his own individual stream which fans can watch on Huya’s website!

Source: Weibo


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