SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan’s Recent Live Broadcast Had CARATs Cracking Up, And Here’s Why

It even trended on Twitter!

Pledis Entertainment recently announced that SEVENTEEN would be postponing their comeback promotions and self-quarantining after a member of staff tested positive for COVID-19.  Yet, if CARATs worried that they’d miss the members too much, they didn’t need to!

Fans have been treated to several live broadcasts that have had some very chaotic moments to entertain fans. Recently, member Jeonghan went live chatting to fans and testing out some filters.


In particular, there was one moment that had fans in fits of laughter and even trended on Twitter! During the broadcast, Jeonghan was eating some bibimbap and was enjoying it until he realized that he had lost his acne patch. 

Like Jeonghan, many CARATs also wondered where the patch had vanished too. Luckily, as he continued eating, he eventually found where his patch had gone, and it had fallen into his food. When he saw it, he exclaimed, “Woah, I found the patch! Wow, this is crazy.


If that wasn’t enough, after the broadcast, Jeonghan went on Weverse and replied to fellow member Wonwoo‘s post asking whether fans had eaten. Jeonghan replied, “I ate young barley radish (acne) patch bibimbap hehe.

| Weverse

After the broadcast, fans went on social media, showing just how funny they found the moment! Many also couldn’t believe that this moment had led to Jeonghan trending on Twitter! You can also watch the whole video below.


Source: VLIVE