SEVENTEEN Reaches Peak Comedy By Switching Hosts In Chaotic Live Broadcast

Comedians are lucky SEVENTEEN chose music!

In a recent livestream, the hilarious members of SEVENTEEN proved there’s never a dull moment when they’re together, especially during a live broadcast!

The mayhem began when S.Coups was dared by fans to pinch Mingyu‘s cheeks.

When he couldn’t handle the retaliation attack, things got wild! The two ran off chasing each other with the sound of their loud footsteps caught by the camera.

Within a second, Hoshi immediately popped in and took over the stream! He sat down and introduced himself as if nothing had happened.

With the sound of the boys running chaotically in the background, the scene is even funnier when he begins talking to fans nonchalantly!

With all of SEVENTEEN’s hilarious members, there’s always a high chance of chaotic comedy!

Try not to laugh at the full clip from the livestream below.


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