SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Undergoes Elbow Surgery

Get well soon, Jeonghan.

Pledis Entertainment has shared SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan recently underwent elbow surgery.

In a statement shared in English on SEVENTEEN’s official Twitter account, Pledis Entertainment announced Jeonghan was feeling increased pain in his elbow, and surgery was required. However, Jeonghan will still participate in the group’s activities such as their world tour while wearing a cast and brace.

This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to provide you with some information regarding SEVENTEEN member JEONGHAN’s elbow injury.

JEONGHAN has been receiving conservative treatment such as receiving injections for an infection and damage in his outer tendon on his right elbow. JEONGHAN recently visited the hospital due to increased pain in his elbow and received word from the medical staff that his lateral epicondylitis and tendon damage has worsened. It has been determined that surgery was needed which he received on Wednesday the 15th.

The operation was successful, and the artist has been recuperating after being discharged as of Thursday the 16th. JEONGHAN will be wearing a cast for the time being, as well as a brace in order to protect the treated area, and to aid in a faster recovery.

The artist is highly determined to attend all of the group’s prearranged engagements; however, his participation will be adjusted depending on the circumstances, placing his recovery as the top most priority as per recommended by the medical staff.

As such, JEONGHAN will be participating in the group’s prearranged activities including the SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] in his cast and brace while continuously receiving medical consultations, so long as it does not put too much strain on his recovery. We ask our fans for your kind consideration.

We will do our best to aid in JEONGHAN’s treatment and recovery so that he can return in full health to his fans as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

— Pledis Entertainment

Source: Pledis Entertainment