SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Showcases His True Personality With His Treatment Of Fans In Paris

He’s even turning non-fans into CARATs!

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan has been gaining praise for his ethereal visuals in Paris, but his treatment of fans has also not gone unnoticed.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan | @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

Jeonghan was invited to attend the Yves Saint Laurent Men’s Winter 23 show alongside other big names such as NCT‘s Ten and Wednesday stars Jenny Ortega and Georgie Farmer.

NCT’s Ten and SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

Jeonghan’s unique visuals earned him plenty of attention. Dressed in all black Yves Saint Laurent, he was the picture of effortless grace.

Yet, it’s his personality that is turning even non-fans into potential future CARATs. Before the event itself, Jeonghan melted hearts, both with his barefaced visuals…

…and with the thoughtful way he attended to fans.

Once at the event itself, fans thought he looked noticeably tired, but that didn’t stop him from once again taking the time to attend to as many CARATs as he could.

Some lucky CARATs even got to share the sweetest interactions with him…

…interactions that are now going viral with over 700k views as of this writing.

It’s no surprise that Jeonghan’s presence drew enormous “cult-like” crowds who were chanting his name.

After all, his personality has even non-fans wondering if they should commit to being a CARAT!

Jeonghan is an idol in every sense of the word. He was easily one of the major highlights of Paris Fashion Week, and he’s made CARATs proud!


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