SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Shockingly Gets Rid Of His Iconic “Bunny Teeth” — Reveals New Smile At Recent Event

“Goodbye Joshua bunny teeth…”

SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua is definitely extremely handsome AF! When it comes to the best-looking idols, he is never left off the list.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua | @joshu_acoustic/Instagram

Whether he is on stage, doing schedules, or just hanging out, Joshua is truly a work of art.

| @joshu_acoustic/Instagram
| @joshu_acoustic/Instagram
| @joshu_acoustic/Instagram

Aside from his visuals, one feature Joshua has that has made CARATs’ hearts melt is his “bunny teeth.” Like many idols, Joshua has adorable teeth that resemble a rabbit and have always gained praise.

Yet, it seems like he Joshua might have gotten rid of his adorable teeth.

On March 24 (KST), Joshua attended an event in Seoul for the opening of a Bobbi Brown pop up store. Unsurprisingly, the idol looked flawless in a long black coat and showcasing his ethereal visuals.

Joshua at a recent Bobbi Brown event in Korea

Yet, while netizens couldn’t get over his visuals, they quickly realized that he looked different when smiling… because his bunny teeth were no longer visible. While many thought he’d got them fixed with braces, others thought he might have got veneers.

When the photos were released, CARATs couldn’t hide their sadness. Although they thought Joshua still looked as handsome as ever, they couldn’t hide how much they missed his adorable teeth.

Yet, he isn’t the only idol who has gained attention for losing their bunny teeth. TWICE‘s Nayeon is known for her iconic bunny teeth, and it meant that netizens couldn’t hide their sadness.

They were only suspicious at first when they saw a video of her teeth slightly showing, and it looked like she was hiding her smile.

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

However, netizens knew for sure once they saw appearances at award shows and her interview with Marie Claire. While the idol still boasted the same beautiful smile, her bunny teeth that used to stand out immediately were less noticeable.

| Marie Claire

While it is up to the idols, and both Joshua and Nayeon look amazing no matter what, it’s not surprising that fans will miss the bunny teeth.