TWICE’s Nayeon Gets Rid Of Her Iconic Bunny Teeth And Reveals Her New Smile

New smile, who this?

TWICE‘s Nayeon always made fans squeal with her adorable front “bunny” teeth.

Nayeon | JYP Entertainment

It is a known fact that Nayeon has a very beautiful smile.

How can someone’s mouth be heart-shaped..?

— @9miracle_ny

And although she is the oldest member, many often think she is way younger because of her cute bunny-like teeth.

| Cosmopolitan

Here are some more stunning Nayeon moments with her bunny teeth.

| @9miracle_ny/Twitter

Recently, fans discovered that Nayeon’s teeth seemed different—her bunny teeth were gone!

They were only suspicious at first when they saw a video of her teeth slightly showing, and it looked like she was hiding her smile.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Then there was talk amongst the fans once they saw a video of her accepting the award for “Female Solo Artist of the Year” at the 2022 Circle Chart Music Awards.


However, netizens knew for sure once they saw her interview with Marie Claire. In the interview, she smiles a big beautiful smile, and the bunny teeth that used to stand out immediately were less noticeable.

| Marie Claire

Netizens suspect she fixed the little teeth on either side of her front teeth, although this has not been confirmed.

| @idolinews/Facebook

(Recent Marie Claire photoshoot)
>> Rather than getting braces for her front teeth, it appears that she fixed the little teeth next to front teeth?<<
(Not confirmed but just fans’ guesses!)

Many ONCEs playfully grieved at the change because they absolutely adored Nayeon’s bunny teeth.

All jokes aside, the fans are happy if she is happy, and bunny teeth or not, Nayeon is still loved by all her fans!

This is her full Marie Claire interview wnere she showcases her new and still beautiful smile.



Source: @idolinews, @marieclairekr/Twitter and @twicetagram/Instagram