SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Encourages Fans To Share Their Meals In Sweet Twitter Post, But Said Fans Are Just Thirsty

And we don’t blame them 😂

SEVENTEEN‘s members are constantly treating fans to posts on social media with cute pictures, encouraging words, and other enjoyable content.

While each of them do have their own personal Instagram accounts now, they still use the group’s official social media platforms to communicate with fans as well.

Recently, Joshua shared a couple photos of himself looking warm and handsome in an all-white outfit, paired with a soft smile and sweet caption.

Caption: [17’S Joshua] CARATs, I hope you eat something delicious for dinner 🙂 Send me pics of it too ㅎㅎㅎ

As requested, several fans shared what they’d had to eat.

Others, however, responded to the tweet with a different kind of reaction!

We don’t think this is what he meant by dinner 😂

We definitely don’t blame CARATs for swooning over such handsome pictures of Joshua!

We imagine Joshua probably got a kick out of all the entertaining comments from fans.