Netizens Express Worry For SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Apparent Weight Loss In Recent Journalist Photos

“He looks like he lost some weight…”

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua was recently embroiled in dating allegations with an influencer-model. He was faced with much criticism and disappointment from fans, who felt that he had taken them on a ride.

Disgruntled Fans Take Things A Step Further With Moving Trucks And Porsches To Protest SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Dating Allegations

On the other hand, Korean netizens have been more lenient with the star, wishing him luck in his love. As Joshua is coming to 30 years in age, many believe that it is time for him to date happily.

Joshua appeared at the airport on August 17, 2023, causing netizens to express their worry. Joshua appeared to have lost some weight since the allegations.

Although he appeared with a polite smile on his face, many felt that it was far from his usual bright smile.

When he wasn’t in the direct line of the journalists, Joshua looked serious and slightly haggard. Netizens guessed that he was worn out from stress.

On the regular, Joshua always appears well-groomed and calm at the airport.

He is also known to greet fans and journalists with a bright, sunny smile.

Joshua’s confidence seemed to have waned a little from his usual vibes.

Netizens showed worry and compassion, concerned for Joshua’s health and status.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • He’ll probably be careful after this matter… I think he went through a lot.
  • His face looks like he lost a lot of weight. I feel bad.
  • The comments here mocking him are so pathetic. It’s so terrible of those even mocking the fans that are sending him support… Why do you live like that?
  • Shua, do well [at your schedules] and come back.
  • Actually, if you’re a true fan, you wouldn’t say anything… Are the ones who are happily mocking him in comments broken somewhere?
  • Shua, I’m so concerned about your weight loss that I keep coming back to the post. Please eat well, and come back after completing your schedules. I still am cheering you on. Sigh. But are the comments for real? Did he commit any crime? I don’t think you guys are fans. There’s no other reason for your angry and mocking comments, other than that you’re sick in the mind.
  • He lost weight.

SEVENTEEN recently proceeded to Japan to promote their Japanese album.

Source: Theqoo