A Fan Showed SEVENTEEN’s Jun A Video Of His Close Friend, NCT’s Chenle Doing Aegyo – Here’s How He Reacted

Chenle replied as well!

Fans all know that SEVENTEEN‘s China-line and NCT‘s China-line are besties! NCT’s Chenle and Renjun are known to be close with SEVENTEEN’s Jun and The8! During a recent round of video call fan signs, the boys showed just how close they were once again.

A lucky carat who got the chance to talk to Jun, showed him Chenle’s iconic aegyo with the “Ottoke Song”. At first, Jun didn’t want to watch it and cried out in Mandarin, “No, I don’t want it“.

However, just a few seconds into the video, he whipped out his own handphone and started recording the clip! He asked the fan to replay the video as he wanted to save the moment for himself. But that’s not the best part.

After the fan uploaded the video onto Weibo, Chenle himself somehow found the video and wrote a comment.

| @squishyychenle

Although Chenle commented just a smiling-through-the-pain emoji, the fan was shocked that Chenle himself had replied to the video. She questioned “is this the real Zhong Chenle?? Chenle gege, I know I did wrong“.

Fans are loving the interaction between the two groups! This is not the first time the boys have been sighted together. There are often sightings of them eating out.

| via @GARATSmeanie2/Twitter
| via @GARATSmeanie2/Twitter

Here’s to more of their friendship moments!