SEVENTEEN’s “Knowing Bros” Filming Cancelled After Show’s Staff Member Tests Positive For Covid-19

They will reschedule the filming

Filming for SEVENTEEN‘s episode of Knowing Bros has been cancelled after one of the show’s staff members tested positive for Covid-19.

In a press release shared by JTBC to No Cut News, Knowing Bros cancelled their October 7 filming after an external staff member tested positive for Covid-19. The staff member who tested positive did not come into contact with SEVENTEEN or any other staff members, but the recording was cancelled out of precaution. SEVENTEEN’s recording date will be rescheduled, but the date has not been announced yet.

Currently, there are at least two episodes of Knowing Bros awaiting broadcast. Part 2 of Young Tak, Lee Chan Won, and Super Junior D&E‘s appearance is scheduled to air on October 9. Penthouse stars Choi Ye Bin, Ji Jin Hee, and Kim Hyun Soo are also scheduled to have their episode broadcast soon.

Source: No Cut News