The Member Whose Visuals Grab Viewers’ Attention The Most On “NANA TOUR With SEVENTEEN”

“For real though, he’s been looking like this for the past 10 years.”

NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN is an ongoing series featuring the members of the K-Pop group going on a summer vacation in Italy with the tour guide PD Na. The reality travel show releases episodes weekly, and showcases the chaotic but endearing relationship that the members have with each other, as well as gives a closer look into each member’s personalities and strengths through various activities.

Recently, one member’s visuals from the show became the topic of conversation on a forum post because of how unbelievably handsome and flawless he looks even during less “flattering” situations. And that member is none other than Jeonghan.

Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

It seems there’s no situation that Jeonghan doesn’t look good in, from when he first wakes up in the morning…

To getting his unkempt hair brushed.

He looks incredible with little to no makeup, and clearly has a great skincare routine that makes him look flawless!

He’s absolutely endearingly cute too, with some of his habits and behaviors making fans’ hearts melt over how adorable he can be.

Other times, though, he has a more serious air about him that makes his handsome and masculine charms more apparent.

The author of the post can’t get over just how gorgeous Jeonghan looks with a freshly washed, bare face, and we understand why!

He’s just so pleasant to watch and look at, it’s no wonder he’s captured so many viewers’ attentions on the show.

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There’s just so much to love about SEVENTEEN’s endearing Jeonghan!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa