SEVENTEEN’s New Merch Causes Mixed Reactions, Here’s Why Fans Want The Group To Design It Instead

Compared to merch designed by the group…

Following HYBE MERCH‘s reveal of the bracelets that would be sold for SEVENTEEN‘s collaboration with AQUA WAVE, it immediately generated mixed reactions from fans.

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Upon seeing the thin bracelets with strips of colorful designs behind the members’ names, many fans called out the “low quality” of the items and pointed out that neither of the group’s official colors was used.


While some joked they could collect all the bracelets to create a patterned rug, others voiced concerns about the quality not being worth the high price and high shipping costs that many fans have to bear.

On top of noting how difficult it was to see the members’ names at all, they decided to suggest a better idea for the group’s merch going forward.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

The new bracelet called to mind a bracelet from one of SEVENTEEN’s past merch launches that was well-received by fans for its high quality and thoughtfulness.

To celebrate their second fan meeting, the group released a silver bracelet that was not only beautiful but resembled the members’ own rings for a meaningful touch.

When a Carat reminded everyone that a particular member had been behind the bracelet’s stunning design, over ten thousand fans agreed that the group should be the one creating their own merch.

While it’s up to individual fans on whether they’ll be purchasing—or not purchasing—the new merch, there’s no debating that the outcome would’ve been completely different if Mingyu had a hand in designing it.

Source: Twitter


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