SEVENTEEN Get Real About The Biggest Difficulties They Faced During Debut

They also gave advice to their younger selves.

SEVENTEEN‘s long-awaited “The Puppy Interview” was finally shared by BuzzFeed, and fans are already loving all the adorable moments of Dino, The8, DK, and Mingyu with puppies. During the interview, not only did SEVENTEEN play with the puppies, but they also answered various questions, identifying their different love languages, what goals they have for the future, and the like.

(Left to right) SEVENTEEN’s Dino, The8, DK, and Mingyu | BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube 

The members also opened up about what they would tell themselves as teenagers if they could. When SEVENTEEN debuted in 2015, DK and Mingyu were 18, The8 was 17, and Dino was 16, meaning that their advice would be reflexive of what they would tell themselves as trainees and newly debuted idols.

| BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube 

Mingyu seemed to easily come up with what he would tell himself, wanting his younger self to prioritize his health and happiness.

Mingyu: Enjoy your life. Be healthy and happy.

For Dino, the group’s maknae, he would tell his younger self to have a hobby outside of performing.

Dino: I would advise finding a hobby.


Mingyu also agreed with this, emphasizing that since “life is short,” enjoyable hobbies are essential.

Mingyu: Life is short.

DK: Life is short.

Mingyu: You have to enjoy your life right now.

SEVENTEEN in 2022 | @pledis_17/Twitter

Because SEVENTEEN were hard at work as trainees when they were young, putting their all into practicing to debut, they of course, shined even when they debuted, as their passion and talent were captivating. But when asked about “the most difficult situation” from their debut, Dino didn’t hesitate to answer.

Dino: The debut stage was the hardest for me.

DK: Ah, I see.

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Fortunately, even though Dino has “been on a lot of stages,” they have only gotten easier with time and experience.

Dino: I’ve been on a lot of stages now, but back then, the debut stage was the hardest for me. It’s embarrassing to watch now, but it was hard because I wanted to give it my all!

DK: That makes sense. We were so young!

| BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube 

And The8 proved his incredibly strong mentality with his answer.

The8: Even though it was challenging then because it’s already happened, I’ve moved on, so I don’t really have one.

| BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube 

DK acknowledged that everything about an idol’s debut is difficult; fortunately for SEVENTEEN, they could support one another and grow as artists.

DK: I think it was always difficult for me. With every album release, everywhere we went, I felt the pressure. But because I was able to overcome the difficulties and grow from the experience, it was worth it!

| BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube 

Meanwhile, Mingyu shared one of the most common difficulties idols face, given their grueling schedules.

Mingyu: It’s the most difficult for me when I’m sleepy.

| BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube 

There’s no denying that SEVENTEEN have kept growing as artists and will keep impressing fans with their immense talent and passion.

Source: BuzzFeed Celeb


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