“Aren’t You Upset?” SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Gains Attention For His Honest Response To His “Lack Of Parts” In The Group’s Latest Track

He was praised for his response about the larger “line distribution” debate!

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu has gained attention after his honest response to the discourse on “Line distributions” after his part in the new music video.

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On October 23, SEVENTEEN released their music video for the track “God of Music,” and as expected, all the members shined, and Mingyu was no exception.


After the video was posted, Mingyu was one of the members who did a live broadcast to chat with CARATs.

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Yet, some netizens seemingly noticed that Mingyu had fewer lines and screen time during the video and brought it up.

Mingyu was surprised when he saw a fan asking how he felt about his parts in the music video, pointing to the fact they thought he didn’t have many parts.

It’s my first time seeing this question from carats, ‘Aren’t you upset that you don’t have many parts in the ‘God of Music’ music video?’

—  Mingyu

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After hearing the question, Mingyu didn’t even miss a beat when he explained that he was not upset at all and was, in fact, satisfied with his part in the video.

No, never, never. I’m satisfied.

— Mingyu


Mingyu then went into detail about the reasons behind his answers, sharing that with so many members, certain songs and albums will see members get more parts, but it isn’t important for SEVENTEEN.

Because there are thirteen members [in the group], there are certain albums and certain songs where I get more parts or other members get more parts. But that’s not important to be honest.



He then finished by saying that when the members all perform together, it matches well and that each member focuses on doing their own part.

We match well when we perform, so we just have to do our parts well.

— Mingyu


When the video was shared, the idol gained a lot of attention for ending the “discourse” about line distribution that is huge in the entire K-Pop industry.

Many also added how it showcases Mingyu’s true personality, along with the rest of the members, as he emphasized that it was a team effort and stayed positive when answering such a direct question.

With so many members, it is almost going to be impossible for all the members to have equal parts. Throughout the album, all of the members of SEVENTEEN shone in different ways, and Mingyu’s response was truly refreshing.

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Source: SEVENTEEN/Weverse

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