SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu To Sit Out Schedules Due To “Crippling Lower Back Pain” — He Apologizes To Fans

Fans express their concern.

It was announced on October 26, 2023, that SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu would be sitting out of schedules for that week, due to lower back pain. He was examined by medical staff and was advised to prioritize his health. As such, fans were alerted through Weverse about the matter.

Announcement about Mingyu. | Weverse

Many fans expressed their concern for the star. It was a pity that Mingyu would be unable to participate in the first week of comeback promotions, but his health was priority.

The boys’ schedules have been tough, with two Korean comebacks, a Japanese comeback, fanmeetings, and a world tour in the works.

Mingyu apologized to fans with a simple “CARATs, I’m sorry,” via Weverse.

| Weverse

Ever the warmhearted angel, DK encouraged Mingyu, wishing him “to recover quickly and to gain strength.”

“Members, I’m sorry…” | Weverse

Mingyu felt so bad that he apologized to the members too. Despite his bad health, it seems like Mingyu’s priority is on the fans and members. Having worked hard for the comeback, the news must be disappointing to Mingyu himself, but health is wealth as they say! Wishing Mingyu a speed recovery.