SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Proves He’s An Angel With What He Did After Taking A Fan’s Phone

He saved the fan from a lifetime of regret.

SEVENTEEN just completed the Bangkok leg of their Be The Sun world tour. They had a two-day stop on October 1 and 2, 2022. They boys made sure to shower fans with as much fan service as they could, including the common act of taking videos with fans’ phones.

Mingyu is currently going viral on Twitter for his kind actions to a fan. He had taken a CARAT’s phone and was about to do the usual video fan service.

| @gyumedia/Twitter

Alas, the CARAT’s phone memory was full. Mingyu made a sad, pouty face as he showed the notification on the phone to the CARAT.

| @gyumedia/Twitter

Thankfully, Mingyu decided to do the next best thing and took a selfie using the phone instead. As photos take less memory, he was able to capture not one, but two selfies.

Another fan captured the sweet moment where he expressed regret about the phone’s lack of memory.

Although this serves as a reminder to always keep your phone memory free before concerts or events, Mingyu’s actions made sure that the fan would not be face-palming themselves with regret after the night. What a genius, kind idol!


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