Netizens Defend SEVENTEEN’s S.COUPS And Mingyu For Going To A Club

They are both legal adults.

SEVENTEEN‘s S.COUPS and Mingyu were recently spotted at a club during their North American tour. A photo of the two was captured and reposted onto online communities. It seems like two commoners had spotted them in the club and decided to snap a selfie with the two clearly shown in the background.

| via Nate Pann

After the sighting, a man called Jason stepped up to spill the beans on what had gone down at the club. According to Jason, Mingyu had seen a Korean girl being twerked on by Jason. The Korean girl was Jason’s girlfriend. He later asked the girl for permission to smack Jason’s butt. They even bought the couple and their friends some drinks.

Jason even had a dance battle with the boys.

The sighting was corroborated with another local on TikTok, who claimed that she had seen the boys enter as she was leaving.

As both boys are legal adults, netizens did not have a problem with the entire matter. Some even defended them, claiming that they went in the exact clothes they had sweated in for basketball. The boys likely just wanted a drink and some chill time after exercise.

  • “Aren’t they adults? Is it such a big deal, going to a club?”
  • “How hilarious that all the people criticizing them are probably losers that have never been to the club.”
  • “I was just going to ignore it but it became a popular post and people are going to criticize them weirdly again so let me leave one comment to sum it up and we can ignore it after that. The kids just played basketball amongst themselves and wore the same clothes to the club and quietly had a drink. The foreigner that uploaded the post cleared things up himself. It’s not like he went to the club right after he got clearance from self-quarantine.”

We all need to let off some steam sometimes! As legal adults, it should not pose a problem for them to enter a clubbing establishment for casual drinks.

Source: Nate Pann