Stanning SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Will Make You Younger, According To This Adorable Japanese Carat

Being a Carat will add years to your life.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu has gone viral countless times since SEVENTEEN’s comeback with “HOT,” and can anyone really blame the entire K-Pop community for losing their minds over him?

Not when he serves the best boyfriend looks or heartstopping fancams.

And it’s not only his beauty and charisma that’s caught attention; Mingyu’s love for his fellow members is always out on full display in the sweetest (and funniest) ways possible.

So it’s no surprise that Mingyu has fans from everywhere and of all ages. This 86-year-old Carat is going viral for her appearance on a Japanese TV show, where she credits her youthfulness to being a fan of Mingyu. A test on the health of her blood veins shows that she’s as healthy as a 63-year-old, a whopping 23 years younger than her actual age. When asked about her secret to staying young, she and her daughter named biasing Mingyu as the reason.

The montage shows a picture of her with her daughter at a SEVENTEEN concert and photos of her posing with SEVENTEEN and Mingyu at SEVENTEEN’s Museum from nearly two years ago. It’s clear that she’s been a dedicated Carat for a long time, and since things that make you happy and fill you with laughter keep you healthy, it’s no surprise why she credits her youthfulness to SEVENTEEN.

To make her Carat experience even more special, this lady’s love for Mingyu was seen by the idol himself, who posted on Weverse in Japanese, thanking her for her support and wishing to meet her soon.

And Vernon‘s response elicits laughter from everyone; his confusion reflects all Carats who have just logged in to Twitter and see Mingyu trending everywhere.