Producer BUMZU Locked Himself In A Room For 2 Days To Create One Of SEVENTEEN’s Biggest Hits

Woozi was the only person he talked to for those two days.

Working alongside SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi to create the group’s songs, producer BUMZU has been behind some of their most successful releases.

BUMZU and Woozi.

BUMZU recently revealed that he knew one of their biggest hit songs would succeed as soon as he made it and why he locked himself in a room for two days to create it.

| @bumzu91/Instagram

When BUMZU worked on the group’s next big hit, he avoided any outside distractions by locking himself in his room for two days “just drinking coffee and reading music.” There was only one person he had contact with.

For those two days, the only person I would talk to was Woozi. He was on his own schedules, but being updated on everything and how the process is going. Literally, he was the only one I spoke to during those forty-eight hours.


The producer revealed his one condition for letting himself out of the room. He said, “I told myself that I wasn’t going to leave the room until I finished something good.” BUMZU reached his goal in those two days by creating what would become known as “VERY NICE”.

After all the hard work BUMZU put in, he knew “VERY NICE” was something special—so special that it would become an instant hit. He celebrated right then and there.

Through that arduous process, I got to a point like, ‘Oh, this is going to be a hit.’ Once that hit me, I was just partying by myself: just screaming and going crazy.


Hoshi, BUMZU, and Vernon.

Even before the song was made, BUMZU knew it would be successful. He admitted, “I had a feeling this was going to be a hit because I literally locked myself in my room for two days to make it.

BUMZU with SEVENTEEN. | @bumzu91/Instagram

From its release in 2016 until now, “VERY NICE” is still one of SEVENTEEN’s biggest hits and is still performed at the group’s concerts.

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Source: Billboard


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