SEVENTEEN Receives Praise For The Witty Way They Helped A Staff

It’s one thing to help someone, but another to be witty at it too.

SEVENTEEN recently appeared on Game Caterers, where a behind-the-scenes moment caught the eye of netizens. The boys were simply resting in the waiting room when a staff member brought in a tray of coffee for them.

Chaos struck when the staff accidentally spilled the cups of coffee. Carrying five to six cups of iced coffee is no easy feat, and a slip of the hand could easily overturn the tray. As soon as it happened, the boys reacted at the speed of light.

Not only did they immediately get up to help, Jeonghan wittily joked that this might be a hidden camera test. Variety shows often host hidden camera pranks to test the “true personalities” of idols.

Although the members kept joking around, pretending that it truly was a hidden camera test, the light jokes actually would be helpful in keeping the mood light and the pressure off the staff.

The boys not only helped wipe up the coffee, but they also cleared the cups and tray out of the area.

Their kind personality and mannerisms gained the attention of netizens.

| theqoo
  • Jeonghan wittily helped ease the mood by saying it is a hidden camera test. And seeing how he also changed his clothes after, it seems like the coffee spilt onto him, but he didn’t hesitate to worry about the staff first. Hoshi also worked hard at cleaning the coffee and also S.COUPS who ran over from afar even before the cups were split, cleaned it up until the last drop. The other kids also did their parts. Everyone is so warm and witty and cool.
  • How witty.
  • My 0-100s. I love you guys.
  • I was like “the blankets, the blankets!!!” and when Wonwoo lifted the blankets up my heart was finally at peace…
| theqoo
  •  Makes me proud.
  • They’re criminals [of the heart] for real…
  • My idols are so warm. As expected, being warm is the best.
  • Whenever the other members make a mistake, Jeonghan is always the one to reassure them and say it is okay.
  • Criminals [of the heart]…
  • If I was the staff, I’d become a Carat from that day on.
  • The way they even said it’s a hidden camera test… I want to become your nth wife.

You can watch the clip of the kind act below.

Source: theqoo


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