SEVENTEEN React To Jun’s Kiss Scenes In C-Drama “Exclusive Fairytale”

They were not prepared!

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SEVENTEEN‘s Jun (also known as Wen Jun Hui) recently starred as Ling Chao in the new C-Drama Exclusive Fairytale (also stylized as Exclusive Fairy Tale) opposite actress Zhang Miaoyi, who portrays his friend-to-lover Xiao Tu. The show is adapted from the IP novel Once We Come Across Love.

The story follows the sensitive and independent overachiever Ling Chao (played by Wen Junhui) and the carefree and adorable underachiever Xiao Tu (played by Zhang Miaoyi). They have known each other since birth and have a love-hate relationship as childhood friends. With the help of their parents and friends, they eventually embark on a sweet and romantic journey. Whether in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, or high school, Ling Chao and Xiao Tu are like a pair of bound and inseparable commodities. They cannot shake off their connection no matter how much they try. It is only when Xiao Tu mistakenly believes that she has feelings for Yin Zihan (played by Xiong Aobo) and nearly breaks up with Ling Chao that he realizes the indispensable place Xiao Tu holds in his heart.


Zhang Miaoyi (left) and Jun (right)

All of the episodes of Exclusive Fairytale were released to VIP subscribers of the streaming website iQIYI on July 27. CARATs (SEVENTEEN fans) were shocked as the C-Drama included many kiss scenes and even a sexy scene in bed!

Naturally, CARATs were curious about what the SEVENTEEN members thought of Jun’s unexpected role. Some even edited them into a scene, parodying their reactions to catching Jun in an intimate position with his on-screen love interest.

So, when CARATs had the opportunity to talk to a member via digital fancall, they had them react to some of Jun’s “sexy” scenes. Nothing could have prepared Mingyu! He low-key appeared traumatized.


THE LOOK ON HIS FACE 😭😭 THEY WILL END JUN’S CAREER, SOMEONE, SAVE HIM 🤣😭😭 If I was op I would have shown him his own thai drama, uno reverse card 🤣 Op didn’t say which scene it was (maybe a compilation) cr. : #seventeen #svt #mingyu #junhui #reaction #disgust #face #carat #tease #career #compilation #cdrama #exclusivefairytale #xiaotu #lingchao #kiss #romance #fancall #fancallsvt #seventeenfancall #op #kpop #kpopfyp #kpopfypシ #holiday #psycho


Now, the SEVENTEEN performance unit, Hoshi, The8, Dino, and Jun, reacted to some scenes from Exclusive Fairytale together. Initially, Jun’s members were impressed by how handsome he was, but it soon took a turn when the kiss scenes began. Jun covered his own eyes for a good portion of the video!


The sexy kissing scene 🙈🤣 #exclusivefairytale #seventeen #seventeenjunhui #foryoupagе

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CARATs agreed that the members’ reactions were a lot like our own.


Dino’s reaction on the bed scene😭 #seventeen #seventeen17_official #jun #hoshi #minghao #dino #exclusivefairytale #scoupstee #parati #xyzbca #kpop #kpopfyp #fyp

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Jeonghan was asked during a live broadcast if he watched Jun’s C-Drama. He revealed he hadn’t, but he saw the kissing scenes.


Jeonghan said that he haven’t watched the drama yet but he watched all kissing scenes🤭😁#jeonghan#seventeen #junkiss

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Previously, CARATs asked Jun what his members’ reactions were. Read his response below.

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