SEVENTEEN’s Jun Sends CARATs Into Meltdown With A Single Sexy Screenshot From His C-Drama “Exclusive Fairytale”

“Opened Twitter and what greeted me were these scenes…”

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SEVENTEEN‘s Jun has sent CARATs and the internet into meltdown with a single sexy screenshot from his upcoming C-Drama Exclusive Fairytale.

SEVENTEEN’s Jun | @junhui_moon/Instagram

Jun is starring in the newest C-Drama called Exclusive Fairytale.

The poster for “Exclusive Fairy.”

Since the teasers came out, CARATs had the most unexpected and iconic reactions to seeing the number of kiss scenes the idol has.


On July 27, all of the episodes were released to VIP members of the streaming website iQIYI. While many fans avoided social media to avoid spoilers, one screenshot went viral and unsurprisingly sent the internet into meltdown.

In the screenshot, Jun was with his co-star Zhang Miao Yi and they were both in bed with Jun being shirtless and Miao Yi with just a blanket wrapped around her.

Of course, CARATs weren’t going to leave other fans on a cliffhanger, so some went ahead and shared the entire scene with the dialogue to give some context.

As expected, when the scenes were shared online, CARATs had the most iconic reactions on social media.

Whether it ranged from their reactions to seeing the screenshots when waking up, using SEVENTEEN memes to describe their feelings, or more, CARATs definitely win the competition for the funniest reactions.

While screenshots sent the internet into meltdown, the full scene was equally as sexy, with Jun showcasing just how good an actor is and how immersed in the character he became.



In particular, when the full scene was shared on TikTok in all its glory…


Anu ba kasi Ang KAININ mo LING CHAO 😭🥵#exclusivefairytale #zhangmiaoyi #wenjunhuiedit #fyp #fypシ #fypage #ep24#childhoodfriend #bestfriendtolovers #creditstotheowner #ctto #iqiyi

♬ Wet The Bed – CJ Hernandez

CARATs proved their iconic-ness with the funniest comments, ranging from their own reactions to unsurprisingly trying to predict the SEVENTEEN members’ reactions to the scene.

Jun has always showcased his insane versatility, and his acting is always praised. The fact that Jun can do these kinds of scenes and dramas with CATRATs sharing funny reactions rather than sending hate, shows how much respect and love the fans have for the members.

You can read more about CARATs’ reactions to the K-Drama below.

CARATs React To SEVENTEEN Jun’s Kissing Scenes In Upcoming C-Drama “Exclusive Fairytale” — But Not In The Way You’d Expect