SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Repeatedly Asked Jeonghan To Follow Him Back On Instagram And He Had A Hilarious Response

“I said, please follow me.”

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan has just opened his own Instagram accounts. On July 13, Pledis Entertainment announced Jeonghan’s new account and Carats are overjoyed!

| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

For his post, Jeonghan shared several stunning photos of himself along with the caption, “Hello~ My happiness~” which is his line in their song “All My Love.”

Carats are the only ones excited about Jeonghan’s newly opened account, but his fellow members as well! Seungkwan commented on Jeonghan’s first post and shared, “Congrats hyung, though I see that my suggestion for your IG handle didn’t make it… 😥

While many were happy, there was one person who was quite stressed and that person is none other than the group’s leader S.Coups. Under the comment section of Jeonghan’s post, S.Coups posted, “Please follow me.

It appears that S.Coups’ request was not fulfilled by Jeonghan, so he hilariously begged Jeonghan to follow him back with several more comments.



  • @Sound_of_coups: “Hurry and do it please (follow me).
  • @Sound_of_coups: “I said, please follow me.

Like the savage he is, Jeonghan posted a response on his Weverse account that explained he simply does not know how to “Follow” someone on Instagram.

| Weverse

I don’t know how to follow, so people who want me to do it (follow), come to me and take my phone and do it yourself. members ddang ddang!!

— Jeonghan

Hopefully, S.Coups will get a follow from Jeonghan soon!


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