SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Spots A Banner In The Audience Manifesting His CEO Agenda, And He Can’t Resist Showing It To His Members

Next Pledis CEO?

During the soundcheck at SEVENTEEN‘s Be The Sun concert in Bangkok, Thailand, S.Coups (also known as Seungcheol) spotted a sign in the audience manifesting his CEO agenda, and he couldn’t resist taking the banner to show off to his members.

The slogan says, “Han Sung Soo, Kim Yeon Soo, and Choi Seungcheol.” Han Sung Soo is the name of PLEDIS Entertainment’s founder and CEO, and Kim Yeon Soo is the name of the current Vice President of PLEDIS. By grouping their names, the three become SEVENTEEN’s CEO line, and while Seungcheol isn’t a CEO, it could very well be his future position.

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S.Coups loved the sign so much that he didn’t hesitate to show the other members, starting with Hoshi.

He then rushed to show Jeonghan the sign before cutely showing it off to CARATs and returning the banner to its original owner.

That didn’t mean he was done with the slogan. During the show’s encore, Seungcheol took the banner again and ran around, showing it off to more members and CARATs.

Mingyu jumped on board the CEO enthusiast train and raised the banner like a declaration while S.Coups looked on proudly.

As SEVENTEEN and CARATs’ general leader, S.Coups has proven time and time again how much he cares for the members and fans, and he won’t hesitate to fight even his agency for what he thinks is best for SEVENTEEN.

Since he’s often talking with the CEO and VP of Pledis, it’s no surprise that CARATs joke around saying he’ll be the next CEO, and with S.Coups’ proud reaction to the sign, it might not just be a joke for long.

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