SEVENTEEN Sells Out Their First Japan Dome Tour, And S.Coups Predicted It Years Ago

He knew something that everyone else didn’t.

Following the release of SEVENTEEN‘s first Japanese mini-album DREAM, the group is preparing to go on a completely sold-out dome tour in Japan for the first time.


As fans expressed excitement for SEVENTEEN selling out 270,000 seats in Japan for BE THE SUN, some noticed that S.Coups had actually predicted it would happen years ago.


In a behind-the-scenes clip from 2019, S.Coups was asked to draw a picture of what he thinks SEVENTEEN’s future will look like. Without hesitating, he said, “Our Tokyo Dome debut!

S.Coups then drew a big stage with all thirteen members standing on it. He also drew the whole dome filled with Carats holding their lightsticks.

Little did they know, they would actually make their “dreams come true” years later. From performing at Tokyo Dome to selling out every seat, S.Coups’s prediction for SEVENTEEN’s future came true. And they ended up selling out the Tokyo Dome twice for both days of their concert.

With their Tokyo Dome concerts happening next week, S.Coups is getting closer to that “happy day” he predicted.

Source: Naver


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