SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Refused To Talk To Mingyu For 2 Months

There was a specific reason why they didn’t talk during that time.

On the latest episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN exposed the time Seungkwan went almost three months without talking to Mingyu and had a specific reason why.

Mingyu, Jun, Hoshi, and Seungkwan. | @pledis_17/Twitter

During Mingyu’s Don’t Frown radio segment, a listener asked for advice after getting into a fight with their classmate and not talking for two weeks. Although Seungkwan advised the listener to “extend the olive branch,” Hoshi remembered Seungkwan being “the type that holds grudges.

Mingyu had proof of Hoshi’s observation. He revealed, “I heard you refused to talk to Mingyu for three months when you were in SEVENTEEN.

Seungkwan quickly clarified that it had been “two months” instead. He even remembered the reason why they hadn’t spoken during that time.

From Seungkwan’s point of view, Mingyu had caused the rift. Seungkwan said, “You were in the wrong.

Although Hoshi calmed Seungkwan down from frowning on the Don’t Frown show, he hinted at the incident with Mingyu that upset him so deeply. Seungkwan began to say, “It was my birthday…

Though fans might never know the details, at least Mingyu and Seungkwan were able to move on from it and continue to be the close friends that always have each other’s backs.

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Watch the two close friends bicker about the two months they refused to speak to each other.