SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Finally Clarifies The Incident About Cleaning Up TWICE Momo’s Dog’s Poop

Plot twist: It wasn’t him!

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan has quite the hilarious past with TWICE‘s Momo! During their earlier days in the industry, the two groups often released songs in the same period. With how often they ran into each other at music shows, Seungkwan once famously quipped backstage, “our companies should really be discussing it,” at the rate they kept overlapping! Momo’s face, as she could not quite understand his joke, left him with a “trauma.”

He overcame his “trauma” recently when Momo and Jihyo participated in the “Fighting” challenge with him. They recreated the awkward moment backstage for the giggles.

On a live stream soon after the challenge video, Seungkwan explained how it came up. Momo once mentioned on a talk show that Seungkwan helped to clean up her dog’s poop when they met in a restaurant.

TWICE was under the impression that it was Seungkwan who helpfully cleaned up the mess while the girls had left the dog in the care of the establishment for awhile as they ate. Surprisingly, it was actually his older sister who did it!

My eldest sister helped clean up Boo’s poop. We met at the same restaurant by coincidence. We didn’t know they were there either. Bookkeu (Seungkwan’s family dog) was there too. Boo pooped. My sister cleaned it up because she had to clean something up anyway. [Jeonghan: “Because you guys didn’t know which dog’s poop it was?] Yeah. My memory is kind of vague, but anyway, she cleaned it up. So I kind of said like since we cleaned the poop up, film the challenge with us. So they came over, and I was really grateful.

β€” Seungkwan

Turns out, it wasn’t Seungkwan who cleaned up after the dogs, but his eldest sister! At least the dogs were happy, and he got to reunite with Boo too!