SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and NCT’s Jungwoo Recently Spotted Hanging Out Together, Proving Their Groups’ Close Friendship

Fans are so happy to see the 98 liners interact!

SEVENTEEN’s social butterfly Seungkwan and NCT’s effortlessly hilarious Jungwoo are officially friends!

Seungkwan is well-known for having many friends in the industry, including THE BOYZ Juyeon and A.C.E‘s Chan.

Seungkwan is a main vocalist in SEVENTEEN. | @pledis_17/Twitter

He’s also close with other 98 liners Moonbin (ASTRO), Ungjae (IMFACT), Lee Suji, Umji, and SinB!

From left to right: Umji, SinB, Lee Suji, Seungkwan, Moonbin, Ungjae.

On the other hand, Jungwoo has been known to not have many friends outside of NCT.

From left to right: Haechan, Taeil, Jungwoo, Lucas, Mark.

He even talked about how it feels kind of lonely being the only 98 liner in his group, though he’s close with his members.

Luckily, the two have become friends!

This Twitter user posted that the pair ate together at the restaurant Cheongdam 25.

| @znddi5/Twitter

Huh? It looks like Boo Seungkwan and Jungwoo ate together today…at my relative’s restaurant. They went together. Hmm…what kind of duo is that?

— Netizen

They posted this conversation with their father confirming it was them!

| @znddi5/Twitter

The user’s father even got autographs from both of the idols.

Top: Seungkwan signed and wrote “Thank you!” Bottom: Jungwoo signed and wrote “I hope you will always be happy and healthy. Fighting!

Carats and NCTzens are ecstatic to see that the two 98 liners are hanging out together!

Other members of SEVENTEEN and NCT are close too — especially the Chinese members!

From left to right: THE8, Renjun, Joshua, and Jun.

SEVENTEEN’s Jun has mentioned going out to eat with NCT‘s Chenle and Renjun multiple times.

From left to right: Chenle, Jun, Mark, and Renjun.

And WayV‘s Xiaojun even borrows books from SEVENTEEN’s THE8!

From left to right: Renjun, Xiaojun, THE8, and Jun.

Doyoung from NCT and Hoshi from SEVENTEEN also took selfies together.

Hoshi (left) and Doyoung (right) with the caption “LOL we are friends…”

Doyoung posted them on his Instagram story and said, “I’m close with him LOL!”

Johnny (NCT) and Joshua (SEVENTEEN) even made fans believe they were cousins for a while!

From left to right: DK, Mingyu, Dino, Jaehyun, and Johnny.

The running joke lasted almost two years, and some fans are still confused by it.

Jaehyun and Johnny interviewed SEVENTEEN on NCT Night Night.

And who could forget that NCT’s Jaehyun and SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, DK, and THE8 are part of the iconic 97-line squad along with GOT7‘s Yugyeom and Bambam, BTS‘s Jungkook, and ASTRO‘s Eunwoo.

From left to right, top to bottom: Yugyeom, Mingyu, THE8, Bambam, DK, and Jungkook.

Though Jaehyun doesn’t have any selfies with the group, he, Mingyu, and other idols helped buy Yugyeom a Cartier bracelet in honor of their friendship!

Fans hope that NCT and SEVENTEEN can have a long-lasting friendship!