SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Is A Successful Fanboy After Getting A Message From Former Wonder Girls Member Yubin

This is a sweet moment!

The talented Wonder Girls has a famous fan and it’s none other than SEVENTEEN‘s charming Seungkwan! Seungkwan has mentioned himself as a Wonderful (Wonder Girls’ fandom name) and has recently been recognized by Wonder Girls’ Yubin!

As many Carats know, Seungkwan has expressed his love for Wonder Girls fan many times during his career. During a moment on Idol Radio, Seungkwan shared some sweet words about the iconic girl group.

They (Wonder Girls) meant everything to me back when I was in school. So… I would seriously love to see them together back on stage again.

— Seungkwan

Yubin mentioned Seungkwan in a recent video where she reflected back on her time Wonder Girls days. Yubin was shown a comment that asked about Seungkwan and it read, “So Seungkwan was a fan of this amazing idol? I can see why he’s so sincere about it. Everything about Wonder Girls was perfect!”


Yubin responded to the comment and revealed that she is well aware of Seungkwan and how big of a fan he is. Yubin stated, “Yes, Boo Seungkwan. I know very well about how you’re a very famous Wonderful.

Not only did Yubin give Seungkwan a sweet mention, but also revealed she herself as a fan of SEVENTEEN!

I’m cheering you on as well. I’m watching every video of you well. I’m very gateful. I’m also a SEVENTEEN fan. Fighting!

— Yubin

Seungkwan, being the up-to-date Wonderful he is, saw that Yubin talked about him and posted a response on Weverse.

Thank you…I’ll work hard…😭😭😭

— Seungkwan

Check out the sweet moment below: