SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan To Take Temporary Hiatus After Receiving Ankle Surgery

Get well soon, Seungkwan.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan will be taking a temporary hiatus after receiving ankle surgery due to an injury.

Pledis Entertainment made the announcement on July 21, sharing the unfortunate news with Carats.

Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment.

We would like to share news about Seungkwan’s injury.

Seungkwan recently suffered an ankle injury while practicing choreography, and immediately was taken to the hospital for treatment and an examination. He was diagnosed with a ruptured ligament in his left ankle, and received surgery last Saturday after the doctor advised he would require surgery.

Seungkwan is working hard to try and stabilize and recover following his injury, and for the time being, he will focus on rest and recovery.

We will do our best to help Seungkwan with his treatment and recovery, and thus we would also like to say that for now, he will temporarily halt promotions in order to recover.

Until Seungkwan has fully recovered, SEVENTEEN will promote as 12 members.

We sincerely apologize to the fans for causing concern with the sudden news and we will do our best to make sure Seungkwan will fully recover, so he can greet his fans as soon as possible.

We ask for your understanding.

— Pledis Entertainment