SEVENTEEN’s Slow Motion Wakeboarding Scenes In The Latest “GOING SEVENTEEN” Episode Has Carats Drooling Over Their Incredible Visuals

They are effortlessly handsome.

The members of SEVENTEEN visuals have been a hot topic even since before their debut and they recently stunned Carats once again in the latest GOING SEVENTEEN episode.

During the newest episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, the members showed off their athletic side and tried out several water sports, including wakeboarding! While everyone’s visuals shined throughout the episode, it was their slow-motion wakeboarding scenes that have Carats going crazy.

Not only are they talented artists, but it appears they are naturals at wakeboarding as well. The editors even slowed down the shot of the members that shows them effortlessly gliding through the water and, of course, looking gorgeous!

Jeonghan‘s soft and gorgeous visuals are always a huge topic so it was no shock when he looked like an actual angel wakeboarding!

For Mingyu, he has always proved he is amazing at everything he does, and with his handsome visuals, it’s hard not to blush while watching his slow-motion wakeboarding scene. Not to mention Mingyu even wakeboarded with only one hand.

Next up, THE8 showed off his charming visuals and although he fell into the water, he still looked handsome doing it!

The group’s leader S.Coup‘s also took a turn wakeboarding and liked the cool leader he is, S.Coups looked just as powerful and fierce on the water as he does on stage.

The great songwriter Woozi also tried out wakeboarding and while he is outstanding in music, he struggled a bit on the water. Despite him falling in, Carats can all agree he still looked adorable!

Of course, Hoshi was as smooth on the water as he is dancing on stage! Showing off some great balance and his gorgeous bright smile, Hoshi definitely made hearts skip a beat.

Check out the episode below:


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