SEVENTEEN’s The8, DK, And Mingyu Reveal Their Biggest Desires For 2021

The 97 line is welcoming the year of the Ox!

SEVENTEEN members The8, DK, and Mingyu, who are all born in the year of the Ox, recently conducted an interview to welcome the new year. In their interview, they shared their favorite memories of 2020  and their hopes for the new year.

DK (left), The8 (middle), and Mingyu (right) | @pledis_17/Twitter

The interviewer started off the interview with the question, “How does it feel to welcome the year of the Ox?

All three members shared that they believe this year of the Ox will overall be better than the tough year that was 2020.

Migyu (back), DK (middle), and The8 (front) | @pledis_17/Twitter

The interviewer then moved on and asked the three members what their happiest memory of 2020 was as well as their goals for 2021.

Q: “What was your happiest memory of last year and what do you want to achieve this year?”

Mingyu shared how his happiest memory and desires revolved around their concerts!

Ode to you concert and offline concert.

— Mingyu

The8 revealed that he was able to learn more about himself and also shared how he hopes to find more hobbies!

I was happy to know myself better because I spent more time alone and looked back on myself and spent more time for myself. I want to have a healthy year and find new hobbies

— The8

DK discussed his feelings on not seeing Carats and his wish to see them in the new year.

When I could meet Carats in person. I want to meet Carats in person this year.

— DK

As for the type of year the members desired, the three all revealed they hoped this new year will be filled with good health.

Q: What kind of year do you want this year to be?

With the world being a scary place right now, Mingyu revealed he wants the new year to be better.

I hope this year will be a healthy and better year.

— Mingyu

The8 expressed his desire to show Carats a greater year than 2020.

I wish I could show you a better year.

— The8

DK conveyed how he wanted to personally improve by doing his best in the new year.

I hope it will be a year where I can sincerely do my best and look back on myself.

— DK

The three members clearly miss their fans and with that said, Mingyu, The8, and DK ended the interview with sweet messages to Carats!

I love you so much.

— Mingyu

We will try to show you a new side of us with more attempts and challenges this year. And I will love Carats more.

— The8

I hope Carats will be healthy and have a great year. I hope we can live our lives vigorously, waiting for the day when we can see each other in person. Soranghae (소[so]- cow).

— DK

Of course, Carats also miss SEVENTEEN and hope to have the chance to meet the members face to face again!

Source: Naver


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