“Two Minghaos?”: SEVENTEEN’s The8 Has Fans Seeing Double In New Family Photos

Everyone nearly forgot he’s an only child.

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 recently uploaded photos of his Lunar New Year celebration with his family and had fans doing a double take when they saw a relative who could’ve been his twin.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 | Weverse

Through his social media accounts, The8 gave everyone a peek into his tropical vacation with his mom, dad, and a relative fans hadn’t seen before.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 with his family. | Weverse

But when fans took a closer at the female relative, they couldn’t get over how much she resembled The8.

| Weverse

Since the family member appeared to be his cousin, Carats pointed out that everyone now knows what The8 would look like if he were a girl.

Fans continued to go wild over how much they looked alike and were almost convinced there were “two Minghaos.

Despite not knowing the name of The8’s family member, fans jokingly called her She8.

Since The8 is an only child, it looks like the genetics in his family are indeed strong.