SEVENTEEN’s The8 Reveals He Has A Tattoo And Where It’s Located

He shared a few details about it.

After teasing fans with fake tattoos for their performances, a few SEVENTEEN members took the next step and confirmed they have real ones.

Vernon with tattoo on his right ear.

The8 is now one of them, revealing the details of his tattoo during a fan’s video call.


A curious fan asked The8 if he had a tattoo. He quickly confirmed, “I do. I do have a tattoo.” That prompted another question from the fan.

Not wanting to cross boundaries, the fan politely asked, “Can I ask where it is? Is that something I may ask?” The8 was happy to satisfy their curiosity once more.

The idol revealed the location of his tattoo but warned it wasn’t somewhere easily spotted.

It’s below…at the side of my thigh. But it can’t be seen, so don’t think too much [about it].

— The8

Like other SEVENTEEN members, The8 wants to keep his tattoo private, other than confirming he has one.

Source: Weibo