One Of SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Big Regrets In Life Shows His True Personality

He’s too wholesome!

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon is the latest K-Pop idol to release a Mindset collection, and through it, he is giving fans a deeper look into his personality than ever.


Mindset is a health and wellness app launched by DIVE Studios, which was founded by Eric Nam. Since its launch, the app has gained a huge number of users who enjoy the meaningful and often touching commentary offered by the artists who release collections. The collections not only provide users with comfort and advice but also act as a way to deepen the bond between artists and their followers. So far, many K-Pop idols have released collections, including GOT7‘s Jay B and (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie.

While promoting his Mindset collection, Vernon answered many personal questions—for which he had many surprising answers. When asked about a hairstyle he would want to try, for example, he claimed that he intends to one day shave his head!

| Mindset by DIVE Studios/YouTube 

Yet, his answers also showed his true thoughtful character. For one, he stated that he’s usually attracted to people who are able to express themselves very coherently.

But perhaps nothing shows his true personality the way his “big regret in life” does. Vernon was asked, “What is a mistake or regret that you have that you want to forgive yourself for?” He answered that one of his main regrets is not having given enough love to the cat he had when he was younger!

Fans are always going to be happy to see his love for cats…

But as if that weren’t enough, despite being a famous K-Pop idol, his wish is to be remembered as a good person.

While his Mindset collection will allow fans to get to know Vernon on a whole other level…

…his answers during the promotional interview already reveal much of how wholesome he really is!

Watch the full clip on the link below.