Charli XCX All But Confirms Collaboration With SEVENTEEN’s Vernon

It’s finally happening!

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon recently responded to a request from English singer Charli XCX to collaborate. It seems that the collaboration is finally in the works.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon | @pledis_17/Twitter

Fans were thrilled when Vernon actually responded to Charli XCX in a timely manner, given that the pair had been unable to reach each other in the past.

Charli XCX | @charli_xcx/Twitter

Though everyone was excited at the possibility, a week ago, the collaboration was not yet a reality.

Over the next few days fans looked for more information regarding the collaboration, noting that Charli had followed Vernon on Instagram.

But now, Charli XCX has posted a TikTok captioned with just one cryptic word, “soon..” This has fans believing that a remix is officially coming soon. In the TikTok, Charli XCX shows her initial interest tweet, her request to collab, and Vernon’s response.



♬ Beg For You (feat. Rina Sawayama) – Charli XCX

Fans were excited by this new confirmation, with some fans finding the interaction hard to believe. Even Sirius XM joined in on the fun.

| TikTok

Charli XCX previously announced via her Instagram that she would drop three remixes of her song “Beg For You.” Fans are hoping that a remix by Vernon is included in the list. We will have to wait and see!