SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Has The Best Response To Charli XCX’s Request For A Collaboration

He woke up!

Fans were excited when British singer Charli XCX tweeted at SEVENTEEN‘s official account to ask for a collaboration with Vernon. Now, Vernon has tweeted back with his much anticipated response, and it’s exactly what fans wanted to hear.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Charli XCX first showed her interest in Vernon and SEVENTEEN in 2021 after he commented in an interview with W Korea that she was one of his favorite artists.

| @charli_xcx/Instagram

She praised him for his “exceptional taste,” but sadly he didn’t see her tweet until several weeks later. It is for this reason that, when Charli XCX reached out to Vernon on February 8 following fans’ recommendation that she collaborate with him, Carats immediately got “VERNON WAKE UP” hilariously trending.

And, fortunately, he did! Vernon wasted no time in replying to Charli XCX through the official SEVENTEEN Twitter account, saying, “YES. Still can’t believe this is real, wow.”

Not only that, but Charli XCX was equally excited when he agreed to work with her, tweeting back, “OMG.”

Now fans are ready to wait for this exciting collaboration…

…which will hopefully happen sometime soon. While the two artists have agreed that they are interested in making this collaboration happen, fans are hoping that SEVENTEEN’s label, Pledis Entertainment, goes through with the project.

We can’t wait to see what comes of this! A collaboration between Vernon and one of his favorite artists would really be something to look forward to.

Source: The Korea Herald and Naver