SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Accidentally Sprays Staff With Water And His Reaction Is Priceless

Reaction king Vernon! 🤣

You can always count on SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon to bring the chaos! During a recent concert, his innocent mistake ended up making fans crack up with laughter. While having some fun with CARAT during a concert, he busted out a few dance moves — with an open bottle of water in hand!

Like you might have guessed, he splashed the crowd with the water with a big smile on his face. However, his fun times were short lived when he realized what had actually happened.

Accidentally splashing the sound operator’s equipment, his concerned look immediately shows how remorseful he is!

Fans find Vernon’s hilarious expressions absolutely priceless and have even nicknamed him the “Reaction King.”

Regardless of what’s happening, you can always count on Vernon to have an expressive reaction!

However, that’s just who he is…

…and fans can’t get enough of it from him!

Check out the full video of Vernon’s adorable mistake below.