SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Is Our New Favorite Beauty Guru…Even Though He Can’t Identify Makeup Brushes

He eventually figured out which brush was which!

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon recently completed his first solo beauty pictorial with 1st Look magazine, and he looked amazing!

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon | 1st Look

Although he felt unqualified for the beauty pictorial because he doesn’t know much about skincare products and cosmetics, he agreed to the photoshoot and learned a lot about beauty along the way.

| 1st Look

After the shoot, Vernon took on the “Crazy Beauty Challenge” for 1st Look‘s YouTube channel.

| 1stLook/YouTube 

As he explained his skincare routine and talked about SEVENTEEN’s recent comeback, he looked like a professional beauty vlogger.

The interviewer asked Vernon if he does his own makeup, and he said no. He said he doesn’t wear makeup or even sunscreen lately because he always wears a mask and a hat.

After Vernon revealed he doesn’t put on his own makeup, the interviewer challenged him to find the foundation brush.

Vernon made his choice and confidently presented the wrong brush.

He asked the interviewer if foundation was “like a cream,” and he used his new knowledge to make a new choice.

This time he chose a concealer brush.

Next, he selected a shadow brush.

He selected another shadow brush after that.

After asking for a hint from the interviewer, he chose a lip brush.

Eventually, Vernon succeeded and found the foundation brush!

Although it took him a few tries to find the foundation brush, we definitely would subscribe to Vernon’s beauty channel!

Check out the full video below.




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