Try SEVENTEEN Vernon’s New Challenge: It Will Tell You If You’re Addicted To Your Cellphone

The rule is simple. Close your eyes and type!

It all began when SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon uploaded a screenshot of some KakaoTalk messages he shared with his teammates on the group’s Weverse.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon | @pledis_17jp/Twitter

In the screenshot, Vernon is pictured with his face entirely covered with a thick layer of facial mask product.

With only his nostrils out for breathing, Vernon the Faceless asked the group chatroom, “Is this how you put on a mask?” While the question itself isn’t surprising, Vernon’s teammates — and fans too — became shocked speechless. Just how on earth did he type and send the message with all that product on his face?!


As Dino, DK, and Woozi showed utter curiosity…

Hoshi was the one who claimed Vernon’s ability to send the picture and the message without looking is peak “cellphone addiction.” Vernon then shared the conversation to Weverse, captioning it “Up for a challenge?” 

And so, just like that, Vernon’s new “challenge” came about!


The challenge soon took over the internet. One popular Korean community site had 2,000+ fans putting themselves to the test and (failing at) typing out the original Korean version, “팩 이렇게 하는거 맞지?”

| theqoo

Ready to test yourself? The rule is simple: Close your eyes and try typing Vernon’s message. If you can type “Is this how you put on a mask?” without a single mistake…

Well, Hoshi says you’re spending too much time on your phone!

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