“Spit In My Mouth?!”—SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Shocks CARATs With New Song

They’re absolutely loving it so far.

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon is shocking CARATs with his new song.

Vernon | PLEDIS Entertainment

PLEDIS Entertainment released MV Teaser 2 for Vernon’s solo song “Black Eye.” It is the title track for his upcoming debut mixtape, and he worked on the lyrics and composition.

CARATs are loving the pop-punk vibes. It’s totally giving music we listened to in the 2000s.

Yet, some of the lyrics of “Black Eye” had CARATs’ jaws dropping. In the teaser, we could hear Vernon sing, “Knock knock is there anybody out there… I’m on my worst behavior; how you like me now? Put a muzzle on me; I’ll spit in your mouth. Wake me up from this nightmare, please. A scar and a bruise with a black eye face.” 

CARATs were certainly not expecting to hear Vernon threaten to “spit in their mouth.” But many were not complaining about it…

Some might actually kind of like it.

We’re looking forward to hearing not just the rest of “Black Eye” but Vernon’s entire mixtape!

Check out Vernon’s previous “Black Eye” teaser below.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Drops “Black Eye” Music Video Teaser


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