SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Dream Collab With Tobi Lou Has Finally Come True

They’d been working on something all along.

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon became friends with Hip-Hop artist Tobi Lou after naming him one of the artists he wanted to collaborate with, and that dream has become reality.

tobi lou seventeen vernon seungkwan wonwoo

Tobi Lou recently shared a clip announcing a project called Live On Ice. He revealed how he became connected to K-Pop, explaining how he’d been recommended to SEVENTEEN fans by Vernon.

seventeen vernon tobi lou 1

That resulted in Tobi Lou eventually meeting up with him. Now, he and Vernon have a song together that Tobi Lou is “really excited” about titled “Looped Up”.

The release date for the project is slated for August 2, which is only a couple weeks away until fans will be able to hear what they’ve created and they’re more than excited for it.

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