SEVENTEEN Voted On The Best Attributes Of Each Member And Some Of The Results May Surprise You

But as expected, every member was voted as the best in the group for something.

Recently, the members of SEVENTEEN did a photoshoot with a Japanese magazine, where they also took the chance to vote for the member they felt excelled best in a particular category.

Just as with their line distributions in many of their songs, SEVENTEEN managed to make sure that no member was left out, and that every single person was voted as the best in the group for something noteworthy.

Some of these can be a bit surprising!

1. S.Coups

S.Coups was voted as the most reliable member.

As not only the leader of the Hip-Hop Unit, but also of the whole group, S.Coups has a lot of responsibility, yet he leads his group well with discipline and great spirits. It’s not wonder that he was voted as the most dependable member.

2. Jeonghan

The athletic Jeonghan was voted as the member with the best reflexes.

Jeonghan is well known for his prowess in many sports and is incredibly athletic when he chooses to be. S.Coups even admitted that Jeonghan tends to be better in sports than every other member.

3. Joshua

Joshua was commended as the kindest member in SEVENTEEN.

That can be surprising considering that he was also previously voted as the member who was scariest when he was angry. Here, he was complimented on his empathetic nature and for exemplifying his role as one of the hyungs of the group.

4. Jun

Jun was chosen as the member who is the best with animals.

It was reasoned by Seungkwan that because Jun was so great with cats, that probably means that other animals are fond of him too. Anyone who can get through to a cat, is sure to be great with other pets!

5. Hoshi

Surprisingly, Hoshi was voted as the member who works out the most, although fans have yet to see him work out in front of the camera.

More amazing yet, Dino even stated that Hoshi had the best muscle build out of everyone in SEVENTEEN, something fans would surely love to get a glimpse of.

6. Wonwoo

Wonwoo was selected as the smartest SEVENTEEN member.

Well-spoken with an exceptional way of communicating his thoughts, it was also pointed out that Wonwoo is fast at learning Japanese.

7. Woozi

Don’t let his adorable appearance and occasional aegyo deceive you. Woozi was voted as the member with the biggest appetite.

Vernon commented that Woozi eats a lot and has a great interest in food.

8. DK

In SEVENTEEN, DK is considered the best chef out of all the members.

It was stated that DK is the one who takes initiative in cooking when the members were altogether. Whenever the SEVENTEEN members go for Korean BBQ, it is typically DK who is in charge of cooking the meat!

9. Mingyu

Mingyu was voted as the most sociable person in the group.

As a member of the 97-line friendship group which includes BTS’s Jungkook and ASTRO’s Eunwoo, it is clear the Mingyu gets along with many people! He was described as being able to start a conversation with someone, even if he doesn’t know that person.

10. The8

The8 pays a lot of attention to his fashion sense and it paid off because he was voted as the Fashionista of the group!

The8 is well known for his trendsetting outfits and is not afraid to think outside the box with his fashion, whether that is growing a mullet or wearing a neon green look on a plane. He always has spot-on fashion sense for the perfect occasion!

11. Seungkwan

Seungkwan was noted as the most hyper member in SEVENTEEN.

Regarded as one of the most extra idols in K-Pop, Seungkwan is never ashamed to be expressive and honest, and fans love him for it. Joshua stated that Seungkwan is extremely talkative, and that he is always singing inside the vehicle, hence why the other members chose him for this attribute.

12. Vernon

Vernon is cool, relaxed and stunning, which was why he was voted as the member who fits summer the best.

Mingyu also commented that Vernon looks amazing when underneath the summer sun.

13. Dino

Finally, the maknae of the group was given the title of being the member with the best sense of humor.

Dino’s hyungs regarded him as a source of positivity and his hilarious jokes constantly boosted SEVENTEEN’s spirits.

And with that, SEVENTEEN shows that each member is irreplaceable. Every single member is valued as important to the group, and things just wouldn’t be the same without them.