SEVENTEEN Will Make A Guest Appearance On Mnet’s “I-LAND”

Another Big Hit Labels’ group is coming to “I-LAND”.

The surprises keep coming on Mnet‘s K-Pop survival show, I-LAND!

In Episode 7, BTS guested on I-LAND to introduce the contestants to a BTS-themed challenge, answer questions, and share their experience with K-Pop’s next generation of stars.

Now, another Big Hit Labels‘ group is confirmed to appear on the show. At the end of Episode 9, it was announced that SEVENTEEN will appear in next week’s episode to introduce the trainees to a new mission.

This mini-challenge involved covering two SEVENTEEN songs with very different styles.

Judging by the preview, this episode is going to be one chaotic ride, so make sure to tune in next Friday. You won’t want to miss it!

Source: Dino photo @pledis_17


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