SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo And Mingyu Reveal What They Learned From Working On “Bittersweet”

Have you listened to “Bittersweet” yet?

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu and Wonwoo just dropped their first single together “Bittersweet” with soloist Lee Hi and Carats are already obsessed with it! To discuss the details on their new track, Mingyu and Wonwoo talked with Seventeen Magazine for an exclusive interview!

Since this single derives from a new subunit, many wondered how Wonwoo and Mingyu came to create the track. Wonwoo responded that since the group is made up of 13 members with different charms and talents, they always find ways to bring new projects to Carats.

Q: This is the first track for this new subunit. How did this project come to be?

SEVENTEEN is made up of three units (Hip-hop, Vocal, Performance) and we have 13 members, but each member has their own respective charms and strengths. No matter how you combine us, we’re confident that we’re always able to bring something new to the stage. Mingyu and I wanted to do exactly that this time; we wanted to show a different sound and style from what we’ve done before, that’s why we came together.

— Wonwoo

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While working on “Bittersweet,” the two stated that they learned new things about themselves. Wonwoo and Mingyu claimed that they plan on taking what they’ve learned through this project and apply to their work in SEVENTEEN.

Wonwoo recognized that his vocal skills have improved and revealed that Carats will definitely be able to hear his vocal growth in SEVENTEEN’s upcoming album!

Q: What’s something that you learned in making the track that you hope to bring back to the group?

My vocal skills have improved significantly. I worked closely with our producer BUMZU while recording “Bittersweet,” and together, we put a lot of thoughts into what I could do to refine and polish my vocals. Because I put so much effort into my singing, my vocal skills improved a lot and you’ll be able to hear my upgraded vocals in SEVENTEEN’s upcoming album soon.

— Wonwoo

Mingyu added that by creating this unit between him and Wonwoo, he learned there are a lot of unique units that be created between the members of SEVENTEEN.

Looking back on this project with Wonwoo, I realize that if all 13 members were to form new units and combinations, the type of sound and charms that we’ll be able to show our fans are quite infinite. I’m looking forward to seeing more new units from SEVENTEEN in the future myself!

— Mingyu

Check out the “Bittersweet” MV below:

Source: Seventeen Magazine


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