SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo And Mingyu Reveal Why They Chose Lee Hi To Feature In “Bittersweet”

All three of them sound amazing in the track!

SEVENTEEN‘s Hip-hop unit members Wonwoo and Mingyu recently talked with Seventeen Magazine about their recently released single “Bittersweet” featuring Lee Hi.

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In their interview, it was mentioned how many Carats (SEVENTEEN’s fans) did not expect this type of song to come from two hip-hop unit members. In response, Mingyu shared that he and Wonwoo did not specifically focus on one direction, instead, they both wanted to find a genre that fit their vocals well.

Q: Bittersweet” is a track that feels very different than what fans will probably expect from two members of the group’s hip-hop unit. What made you want to go in this direction?

I don’t think we necessarily set out thinking that we had to go in a certain direction or show something completely different from SEVENTEEN’s previous style. We just thought about the type of genre that would suit our vocal tone and overall vibe, and naturally started veering towards this (bossa nova) direction.

— Mingyu


To help with this bossa nova direction, Wonwoo revealed they reached out to talented vocalist Lee Hi to feature on the track. Wonwoo added that he instantly thought of Lee Hi as the perfect match for this project!

Q: Did you always know you wanted to add a female artist to “Bittersweet”? And how did you end up getting to work with LEE HI?

Yes. For me, personally, as soon as we created the vocal top line, Lee Hi was the first female vocalist that came to mind. I knew she would be a perfect addition to the track so we reached out to her first, she agreed, and that’s how we ended up working together.

— Wonwoo

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Along with Lee Hi, Mingyu and Wonwoo show off their incredible vocals as well! Wonwoo even mentioned how he felt a change in his vocal skills during the creating process! Together, the three’s charming vocals create an amazing track!


Check out “Bittersweet” below:

Source: Seventeen Magazine